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'A traditional Navy Board game called Uckers. Maker of Uckers Boards themed on ships badges & images of the Royal Navy'

Gazebo at Type 42 Association Reunion
Type 42 Destroyer Uckers Board Game - Front
Type 42 Destroyer Uckers Board Game - Rear
Presentation box for Uckers Boards
Presentation Box contents
Tri-Service Uckers ya Uckers Cartoon

Born out of frustration of not finding anyone who would make an Uckers Board themed on ships crests of the Type 42/Sheffield Class Destroyers of the RN.


I thought I'd have a bash myself, and many months later this resulted in the board you can see on this homepage. What started out as making a board for myself has resulted in many enquiries to make these for others and prompted the creation of a facebook page and now this website. Since the creation of the T42 Board, further editions have been added to the portfolio, with more to follow. 


Uckers Competition at NMRN
Uckers ya @uckers stall at a Summer show
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